Who We Are

CPI Foods, Inc. was formed in 2003 and is located in Dallas, Texas. Founded by James Hairston, who has 24 years in the foodservice distribution, airline catering and meals on wheels production and distribution business. Hairston was involved in several food industry breakthroughs. The "Bistro Bag," as it is commonly referred to in airline business was developed in 1989 as a means of saving airlines money on catering fees. The tortilla sandwich, developed in 1991, as a cheaper and quicker solution to a low price airline sandwich, became the "Wrap" sandwich today.

Shelf Stable Meals to Airlines and Meals on Wheels were natural extensions to hot foodservice. In the airline industry, the costs of foodservice increased to a point it was too expensive to prepare and serve hot meals on flights. Shelf Stable Meals became a tastier and less costly alternative. For senior nutrition programs, Shelf Stable Meals became an integral part of foodservice programs for use in bad weather, federal holidays and in-service days, and without the need to the heat meals on an stove due to a power outage, they became much better option for meals on wheels clients.